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Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
10:40 am
Okay, I went to this website called theforce.net and it has fans that make movies of their favorite things! Where do they get all the money to do this?
Sandy Collora made a Batman movie eight minutes long, and it's made him famous over the net.
If I could do that, I could come up with an awesome Batman story. The site mostly had Star Wars, but I could write one too. All I need is money or production company, some kind of budget, and then we could make money.
9:56 am
The magic of Movies
While I can't work on The Grappler sequel, I will begin writing my first real screenplay that would require money.
It is inspired by M. Night Shyamalan, and the title is...

"The Seventh Day"
The premise is thus: The McDell family move to a town in Kentucky called Mountain View because the father has a huge profitable job there, and it was the closest town. The rest of the family is able to partake in festivities that are there. Every day is some type of holiday in Mountain View, but on the seventh day, something happens, and the town doesn't seem quite normal. The citizens act differently, and those that have lived there for awhile have a warning.
Monday, September 13th, 2004
11:18 am
The title is just something I made up, it has nothing to do with this entry. I'm just watching Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Knights so that's why.

Well, Last night I filmed Ricardo doing stuff on his bike. Then I ate ice Cream with the Bartletts and was able to film two important scenes. Kari (Libby) meets Mr Blonde (me), and finds out that he's really a fake that takes credit for others. He is a badguy. Then we also did the scene where the Grappler gets into her house, she acted really perfect, better than me when TN was attacked at the end of the first one.

Every character has to have a purpose, and that is to make the story better, it'd be pointless to have characters just to fit more actors. The audience would lose interest. Now, let's go over every character's goal.

Kari Werner- She believes TN Tarford and wants to finish his work.

Mr Blonde- He thinks the Grappler is a hoax, but if it's real, he wants to steal the story and make himself more money.

Brett Eagle- He loves his girlfriend, but he doesn't believe in the Grappler. He tries to find out what to do.

Rob Rogers- He strongly believes that the crazy guy is the Grappler, and wants to deal justice.

The cops (Mann, Jones, Pan)- They don't believe in the Grappler, and want to bring this hoax to an end.

Mr Pasquin- He doesn't want to move away, and barricades himself in his house.

Crazy Guy- No goals, it keeps him mysterious so the audience keeps guessing his true purpose.

Angel Theden- She wants to support her best friend. She believes in the Grappler.

Chris Grape- He returns to protect those that don't know what he went through.
Friday, September 10th, 2004
2:02 pm
The Wayville Grappler returns
My first movie had many flaws, some will return for the sequel. I now know that I need to shorten some scenes to get the audience interested until the end.
I am planning on making this one scary. Well, the first one had a few scenes that creeped out Libby (the star of the sequel), so I should be succeeding apparently.
Most of the cast for the sequel has seen the first movie. I want them to all know what is going on and where we are with the story.

I am planning on making this movie full-length, at least reaching an hour. There are more characters and more things happening. The opening credits will have a news report by my other character, the reporter Mr Blonde, which can brief newcomers to this series on what's going on.

I want the audience to get as good a glimpse of this creature as possible. This script is written so that you think it is all over, but there are about four scenes left that prove that it is only the beginning of an epic struggle between man and mother nature.

Ricardo Benavides' character will take center stage and be a key element to the sequel. He'll be very important to the story. Mr Pasquin becomes a minor character and appears here and there. The story mainly focuses on the girl Kari Werner (played by Libby Bartlett), and how the Grappler story has affected her life.
I will try to come up with enough jokes to keep the audience, and maybe somehting unexpected to pull them in til the end.
1:24 pm
I hung out with Mr retardo and then we ate some Burger King. School is pretty good, I just feel really tired. this stuff happened yesterday.
Yeah, um the Wayville Grappler is coming back real soon.
Monday, September 6th, 2004
10:34 pm
The Labor Day Party
I woke up and began to watch Spiderman again. I called Ricardo, and eventually went to his house for a small get together party. It was really fun there, and I played chess against Mr. Bob Peters, he beat me though. Then he played my dad, and they were pretty even. My dad won maybe two more games than Bob. I played volleyball with the Brazle kids and Pete, William, and of course, the volleyball player, Libby. It's kind of weird. I only ate a hot dog. I don't eat that much anymore, my metabolism.

Libby has begun reading the detailed script I gave her to read of the Wayville Grappler sequel. I hope to begin filming soon, but I also need to call my pal Josh Hecker to see if he'll reprise his role as the famed Rob Rogers.
The confirmed cast:
Libby Bartlett (Kari Werner)
Justin Remsing (Officer Sonny Mann)
Claudia Brazle (Angel Theden)
Nick Urbanik (Brett Eagle)
Ricardo Benavides (Crazy Guy)
Chris Pasquin (Chris Grape)
Percival Pasquin Sr, (himself)
PJ Pasquin (Mr Blonde)

We rented the Passion of the Christ. It was a really good movie. I think of movies though as fiction, so I wouldn't call this a true movie because I believe that it really happened. It shows you what Jesus really went through for all of us, and it was done really well. It's just too bad that Satan has so much influence on our world. I complain about my life sucking, but I didn't have to go through horrible torture and then getting staked to a cross. None of us would do that if we could get out of it if we wanted. That's why we're lucky that Jesus gave himself for us. There are some things that I hide that I wish I could just let it out and it wouldn't matter in the world, but that ain't the case. Everybody hides stuff, and we conceal it from the world. Maybe we don't tell our secrets because we don't want criticism or we don't want to hear the opinions of others. I'm taking volleyball for more a reason than to just take a physical education course, but that's one of my secrets.
Well, let's take another turn, The Adventures series is my center of attention now. Six surefire adventures are in writing.

I think I will figure out how I'm going to do my opening credits tomorrow, and plan on filming a scene or preparing. This is where a man becomes the man he's going to be the rest of his life, I just need to be careful who I change into.

I will answer any questions that anyone has about anything. For example: My faith, my story ideas, girls(sure), school, palns of the future, I dunno, anything.
Sunday, September 5th, 2004
10:18 pm
Dinner with the Bartletts
Lisa and Libby Bartlett finished watching my first movie. Lisa gave me a full review with help on what I need to remove or work on better, and especially what was good in it.
Before I knew it, Lisa said she wanted to grab a burger. We went to a place called Friar's. Libby, Lisa and Lisa's dad, Bob, came with. He was hilarious. He is so awesome. We talked about chess. I'm going to play against him tomorrow when we go over to Ricardo's.
I can't wait to begin production of The Wayville Grappler movie sequel.
Friday, September 3rd, 2004
11:43 pm
A Look Back on Dreams
Sometimes you feel like your dreams cannot be fulfilled. Well, I am feelin' that now. I don't have the equipment or enough friends to make any movies that could make an effect in a film festival. All my good stories would be impossible for me to make to best it could be period. My dreams have been shattered and I feel like I have no future and I would have to go into something that I hate completely.
I just wish that I could have actors to commit to a few scenes each and the equipment needed to edit the scenes together perfectly. I just feel like I won't make it in life. I'm going to be stuck at home paying rent until the day I die.
All I need is to let one of my best stories become a published book or a blockbuster movie and I know from there on I will be making money to support myself and get my siblings to great schools and the best kind of everything.
There are just times when you think that something that happens was a jinx or a mistake. I think that I could make it big, I just need my chance to come soon because I am really getting doubts about ever achieving what I want. Art could be a backup, but I can only draw a certain amount of things. That is my dream, and it will be shattered soon enough. ON and On eh? well, I'm just contemplating my life, tryin' to figure out why things are happening, but I can't sort it out. We'll just have to see where my life goes from here.
Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
10:45 pm
Let's summarize quickly. I begin school tomorrow. Ricardo wasn't at church because he was looking for a car. I let my friend Libby borrow my first movie. I guess I'll just continue the Grappler mythos, I hope that Libby would like to play my sequel's main character. Man, at least I'll have stuff ta do tomorra, good night.
12:37 am
The World is Not Enough
Chris won his first soccer game of the season. 6-1. I have come up with a new story that could make a decent funny movie. A hero has to stop a badguy. This goes through many goofy fighting scenes.

Tomorrow is going to be so boring, I have nothing to do, and my friends are all in school. Ricardo is gone until church basically.

There are times in a guy's life when he begins to realize the reason why some things happen. Well, I ain't one of those guys. It is tough to have friends that aren't friends themselves. I've gone through it since elementary school. I am always caught in the middle of a friend war I say. I hate it when I have to choose between friends. It is next to impossible for me to do so. It makes me just want to break out in a rage. I just hope that I could settle it and we can all be at peace.

The countdown is down to a day. That day is Wednesday. After tomorrow, the college classes begin and my true purpose can begin to set forth.

One of my friends has begun in a new school and talked to me aboot it. This person said that it was kind of freaky there the first day. A lot of older people were friendly, a little too friendly. I wish I could help to make sure that my friend doesn't get involved in something they can't handle. I know what older students in school want to do with the younger ones, and it can be a rough place to be.
Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
8:28 pm
I talked with a friend I haven't talked to in awhile. I doubt that person remembers what we've talked about, but that's okay.
Monday, August 30th, 2004
11:57 pm
The true Remsing: History of the PJ
We went over to Ricardo's (me an' Chris) and Justin was helping Ricardo paint his room. We messed around a ton, and what happened is top secret information. Ricardo kept being an anus. He doesn't know how to paint for cryin' out loud.
I'm planning on making Summoning the Demon my first novel, estimating around 800 pages or begining the Adventures series. Each book will range from 400 to 600 pages. I will also make short stories and regular books.
Dave Chappelle is on Jay Leno, he is the man. I'm Rick James *****.
Ricardo is making fun of me for taking Volleyball, hey, it was that or Basketball, and I suck at that. They didn't have Fencing so this is it.
I finished reading the first Harry Potter book and am hooked. I began reading the second one. I need to get the other three that are out now.
Chris begins school tomorrow and I'm going to give him a ride. I still got a few days (tomorrow and Wednesday) then I begin. Lucky for me, Volleyball don't begin until the end of October.
The Passion will be out on DVD tomorrow. I plan on watching it, but I want to buy it, because I haven't seen it and it would be a good thing to have I bet.
Recent Events have had a toll on me, I want to make a different movie, maybe an origin of my Vigilant character, because I really want to make this movie.
Inspiration is the key to all of my stories. Basically is my version of a kind of story.
Faith of course is a key to my life. Sometimes I blame God for little things that I know God didn't really do. Everybody has problems, if we didn't, we'd be perfect and nobody is. I just ask for a temporary solution to simple problems for crying out loud. I mean, why did my school life have to suck so bad. Now, it is better just cuz I ain't in school near all those anuses. It still kinda sucks, I'm just hoping for my big break with making a movie.
12:58 pm
I am Under Sanity
Sometimes, when you want to make a movie, you can't let a limited supply of actors or bad editing slow you down. You never know when down the line, someone high up could help you out.
I've decided to go back to Under Sanity and make it as a movie. Many characters are involved, but many people may want to be in it, you never know, so, thus saying i will make this my next project, and it could take a while. Probably for finding those that can commit to being in the movie. Ricardo says that good old pal Remsing has a computer that can prove to be useful. We'll just have to get on the path and see where it takes us.
Sunday, August 29th, 2004
11:18 pm
The Story route of Libby and Ricardo
Now, I begin school on Thursday, early in the morning. My art class, and it is called Basic Design. Then on Friday I start my English class that can lead me to eventually taking Creative Writing.

When Ricardo takes his film-editing class, it can hopefully prove useful for our surefire movie that we plan on making. If I had an unlimited supply of actors, I could make a glorious movie. My first and only movie so far sucked,(It was hilarious though) not only because of horrible editing, but some very important characters had to be taken out. One main character had only a few scenes due to availability.

I am planning on remaking it, or making Six Days to Sunrise.
I would welcome those that would like to take their time to be in one of my movies, it could prove valuable in the future, you never know.

Muffin the dog is so cute and lazy. The perfect life, eat sleep and do nothing. How swell.
This Birdman cartoon is so stupid, it's hilarious. It doesn't even make sense at times hahahahaha. Sealab 2021 is funny too, darn. Man, this is so stupid. A guy has a tumor and they have to go inside to incinerate it. They were inserted into the guy's colon! Now they are battling white blood cells firing lasers. Star Wars spoof inserted. They shot a worm inside the guy. They blasted his pancreas. They see a lego he ate and they shot it again.hahahaha! They have a time limit and are stuck in his brain. Such an adult show, cursing and sexual innuendo. They took out the tumor and have to exit his nose. They didn't make it out, but his head just got bigger. That show is so funny. Family Guy all the way.

Heck, I could probably make a Vigilant movie, if I changed the supervillain. Now, The Tournament is also probable if I had a trunkload of actors.
I never decided if I wouldn't take Volleyball or not, so I guess I still have it, I might not even have all the classes I signed up for, but who knows, I could.

I know that Summoning is more better(bad English) than the Adventures, but Adventures is a series that I've put a ton of people into. There are many I still need to add, I'm just running out of ideas of what they could be. Too many characters can also be bad, though.

I'm not sure when I actually will start writing my big stories, but I think I need to learn some more. Then I can move up to them after begining on the short ones.

I've seen the Harry Potter movies, and just finished reading the first book, pure genius. I wish I came up with that idea. My outer space series will work like the Harry Potter books.

The first book is subtitled: "The Novion Orb"- Libby goes searching for the special time-travel element. The Raltor have gained control of a special crater bomb capable of destroying a planet. It is up to Libby to save the galaxy.
Ricardo assists her by taking action in battling the nasty aliens.
This book mostly just serves as an introduction to all of the principal characters. You get just a taste of the sinister plans of the Raltor in this first installment. Also a taste of the ace pilots known as the Omega Stars captained by Mr. Sheldon Paris.

Now, The second book is subtitled: "The Indarian Conspiracy"- Libby gets to visit her companion's homeworld of Presia and get involved in the Presian ritual that puts her into their culture. You get to know more about the character of Angie.
Ricardo takes center stage as the sure hero, with my brother Chris by his side.
My character has a larger role as well. In a few chapters, the Universal Earthian judge Steve Sargeant takes the audience's attention. Many are introduced, and you get a feedback on the first book so you don't even have to read the first. But you'll miss out on all the small and possibly important things happening to certain characters.
All of the titles are key to their books.

I need to finish the first two to get a surefire idea of where to take the third. But it is so far called "The Earthian Crisis". Our very president, Pete Brazle is captured and enslaved along with Libby's family. Ricardo's old flame appears as well and she causes mayhem as well.
Really, Libby and Ricardo aren't the heroes, but Claudia and her spaceship crew are. I become the hero in one certain chapter that changes everything in all of the characters' lives.

Ricardo needs to come to Chris' game tues-a-day and maybe wens-a-day if we skip church. I don't know if we should, but who cares?
11:10 pm
Ricardo has broken his retainer, the anus. I need somethin' to do.
Saturday, August 28th, 2004
12:11 am
I retrieved Pulp Fiction, and gave Ricardo a possibility for our entry when we can make a 'real' film. It is called Six Days to Sunrise, and the title is crucial to the story.
Friday, August 27th, 2004
1:35 am
Just as easy as one-two-three I get the first two Harry Potter novels from Ricardo. It's awesome. He borrowed Pulp Fiction, the revolutionary movie of our time. We are thinking of how we can enter a movie festival. It could be the key to our success, you never know.
Thursday, August 26th, 2004
1:17 pm
The purpose of the Adventures of Libby and Ricardo
Those that know these people also know me, and that these two are on different sides of the equation. They don't really like each other too much due to other friends.. well, they are the stars in one of my most treasured story of all. The inspiration obviously comes from Star Wars, but it has its own unique qualities.

These two are the main characters simply because they are the ones that had most influence on my life, in different ways of course. It just so happens that they are a guy and girl. Why they aren't good friends in real life I don't know, but in this outer space series, they are childhood friends pusuing their dreams. Libby travels the universe in search of rare treasures ala Indiana Jones, with her companion Angie, a preshon warrior princess, a beautiful rare consisting only of females. Ricardo is a mercenary doing whatever it takes to earn himself some zeen(money).

Most of the people at the church all have some kind of role in this story. Our youth minister is called the Party King in here because he owns a set of nightclubs on the largest planet's many moons. Our preacher, Pete Brazle, is the president of the Earthians,(most humans live in space). Mike Harvill is the supreme major, the highest ranking officer in the Earthian armada(the outer space human army).

Sheldon Paris gets to be the current captain of the best space fighter team in the known universe, the Omega Stars. (Ricardo was the old captain but retired to pursue other needs) Drew Harvill is the lucky one who gets to beat a Raltor in hand to hand combat(the Raltor are the most fierce and deadly species in the universe, and they are the strongest).

Josh Hecker, one of my good friends from high school and the star of my first movie "The Wayville Grappler", is also in this series as a secret agent known only as a "deathseeker". My family all have roles of course. I am the major general of the Earthian armada. Chris gets to be a bounty hunter like Boba Fett from Star Wars. William is the youngest Omega Star.

Like Harry Potter, I have around eight for sure stories to keep this a living series for up to twenty years, if all of them are made into movies. This idea was originally contrived because I wanted to make a story where two of my best friends, Libby and Ricardo, get to be the heroes of the universe. This story has so much within it that it would take hours to explain everything. I can give you little details if you just give me a quick little question.
1:04 pm
The background of Eric Davidson
The Tournament's main character is named Eric. This story is narrated by him, as he tells the story of his four high-school years. Eric's life has sucked through middle school and it didn't get much better when he came to Riverden High School. One of his only friends coined the idea that the students hold a fighting tournament where the winner has the glory of being respected by everyone. Eric had entered this tournament the first year and lost in the first round. His friend Kenny also entered and didn't fare too well either. Eric's hopes of becoming popular were improbable. He made a friend that was in all of his classes, the most gorgeous girl he ever met. He couldn't remember her last name, but her first name was Laura. Whenever she asked for help, he was there to help her. The problem was that many guys liked her and his chances of actually dating her were none, plain and simple. A foreign exchange student from Germany named Nick Uxman quickly became friends with Eric, but he also became the new boyfriend of Laura. Many of my characters in stories have some relation to my life. Eric is just like me in many ways, and I don't need to explain how. My life in middle school was like his, but much worse. There is a girl, but the situation is much different but also similar in perspective.
12:20 am
Questions without Answers Part 3
Well, now that I am going into college, we are going to have a college bible study class. That means no more Ricardo until Sundays after early class. We went and got some clothes from our store, and my good pal got something that I honestly didn't like, just don't tell him that. It was blue and he wore it tonight. There isn't really much to do, I'm always bored, that's why I have 45 stories(see earlier entry). Ya got work, soon to be college, but that's only in the morning, and then of course church. The best part of my weeks. All I can hope for is to make it big someday. Those that have helped out through my lifetime get to cash in on my success, too. It is the least I can do for all those that I love, my friends and family. I don't have to worry about too many comments it seems, so I'll just talk serious. Ricardo said that practically everyone knows who I like, well, it's been a problem for a good while now. It actually seemed to die down until most recently. She is a really nice person, but she also has the other parts of her personality. I met her here, at the church, and I didn't even like her at first, which was great. Then, after the life-changing event of my life(Winterfest 2004) I begin to live life differently and I started to like her. I just told some people, especially Ricardo because I didn't like this mudhole I got myself into. Ricardo just gave me some life mumbo-jumbo. I took matters into my own hands and attempted to get this one girl not to like me. I took a joke Ricardo started and brought it out of hand. Well, I succeeded, but to no advantage of mine. I wish she could know how I felt about the situation, but there are reasons for everything I guess. Which brings me to one of the classes I'm taking, Volleyball. I'm not sure if I should back out now while I still can or embrace the class to the full learning ability. Sorry for concealing this all into one big-anus paragraph, but I want to conceal certain things. The first story I plan on writing is Combination. It shall deal with faith, aliens, and of course time-travel. The main character is named Shawn David Absento, a hockey player. He is helped by his girlfriend Marianne Thompson and the only PJ Pasquin Jack character, Jack Parker, the city cop.
I will contemplate my future and try to figure out ways to deal with the inevitable. I will of course continue to make movies and try to come up with something to do whenever I am home. GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE.
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